Colorado travel

The snow covered Rocky Mountains stand tall in the background with green trees and the Downtown Denver skyscrapers filling the skyline.

Colorado, the Centennial State! What does that even mean? Does it mean that it’s been a state for 100 years? What do they call it next year? The Centennial Plus One State? That’s going to get tedious pretty fast. In my mind Colorado is the other side of the Arizona coin. The way I think Arizona is just a dry desert everywhere all year, I assume that Colorado is just snowy all the time and everyone there gets about by skiing. As with most things, I’m wrong about that.

Picture credit: Sand-boarding.com

There’s sand dunes in Colorado! And you can surf them! That is definitely now on my list of things to do when I get to Colorado. One thing that’s not on my list when I go to Colorado is skiing. I know they have the best skiing in the world, but I want no part of it. When I was young I skied, and it was fun. Even the falling down. But I’m at a point in my life where I don’t want pay $100 to fall down ten times in a day doing something that’s supposed to be fun. If I’m going to fall into water, I want it to be in a warm ocean with a beach.

Photo by Glade Optics on Unsplash

There’s the gratuitous skiing picture you must have for Colorado. Colorado is a sportsmen’s (and women’s) paradise. Mountains to climb, trails to hike and glorious scenery in every direction. If you’re not into all that nature Colorado boasts the big, beautiful city of Denver offers sports where you can buy a beer and a burger and watch the game featuring the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies, and the Colorado Avalanche. Not together all at once though. Being a legit big city, Denver has a thriving nightlife as well.

Picture courtesy of Ticket News

If you’re a music fan you can see a concert at the world renowned Red Rocks Amphitheatre where so many famous live videos have been filmed.

Colorado is very much an outdoor state. Colorado fun fact: Colorado has the 6th highest number of certified scuba divers. Yes, scuba divers are all over this landlocked state diving in lakes and reservoirs and the climate is temperate enough that in the southern part of Colorado people dive year round. Also, if you get tired of the cold in winter, there are several hot springs that you can soak in.

I’m sold on Colorado and hope to make it there one day. I hope you do too.

Safe travels! ~Phil