See? Iowa is exciting!

“I come from Des Moines. Somebody had to.”~Bill Bryson. I guess that explains why author Bill Bryson now lives in England.

State Nickname: The Hawkeye State. This nickname for the state of Iowa is said to have come from the scout, Hawkeye, in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans published in 1826. Has anyone alive this century read that book?

Iowa Fun Fact: In Iowa, hogs outnumber people 4:1. If hogs ever get any smarter, they could probably take over the state. Who am I kidding? It’s possible the hogs are already smarter. If hogs outnumber people 4:1, that whole state must stink like hog crap. (Iowans are going to hate me)

Best Thing About Iowa: Iowa has the best literacy rate in the country. Iowans have to stay smart otherwise the hogs are going to take over. Also, Iowa is where Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a bat back in the 1980’s. There’s also the world renowned Iowa State Fair. I’m told that if you want to know what the mid-west is about, go to the Iowa State Fair.

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Worst Thing About Iowa: The weather. According to native Iowans, in the summer it’s brutally hot and humid and in the winter it’s brutally cold, with temps often below zero. Lesson learned: Visit Iowa in the Spring and Fall.

FIELD OF DREAMS, Ray Liotta, Kevin Costner, 1989, (c) Universal/courtesy Everett Collection

Best Movies Made In Iowa: Twister (1996), I really enjoyed this movie. Field of Dreams (1989). Ghosts playing baseball?!!? It still gets me in the heart. Michael (1996) It’s got John Travolta & Andie MacDowell! How can you go wrong? It was actually a pretty decent movie. Children of The Corn (1984) I’ve never seen it. I think it’s a vegetarian movie.

My big question: Do they have a beach? The answer is yes! They have several beaches on freshwater rivers and lakes.

Clear Lake Iowa

In summary, I’ve never been to Iowa, and I’m not likely to plan a vacation there, but if I find myself stranded at the Iowa State Fair or one of their beaches, I wouldn’t mind.

Safe travels! ~Phil