The Wilmington, Delaware skyline. Picture credit: Site Selection Magazine

Delaware Fun Fact: NBA legend Charles Barkley named his daughter Christiana after the Christiana Mall in Newark, Delaware.

Before I sat down to write this, if you had asked me to name a city in Delaware, I couldn’t. And I’ve been to Delaware this year! That’s how memorable Delaware was. I’ve heard of Wilmington, Delaware before, but honestly how many of you could remember the only city in Delaware? Delaware is the second smallest state. Quick, name the smallest! I’ll give you the answer later.

In my “research”, I looked up a list of the “25 Best Things to Do in Delaware.” Ten of the best things to do is to go to museums. 40% of the best things do are museums? Fantastic. When I’m 80 remind me to visit Delaware again. Maybe I’m being a little hard on Delaware because many of the other choices were beaches!

Picture credit: Visit Delaware Beaches

If you’re there in the winter visit all the museums. If you’re there in the summer, visit their beaches. To be fair, they also have a zoo in Brandywine, and an amusement park in Rehoboth beach. How great of a place can that be if it’s got the word ‘hobo’ right in the name? I apologize to any of the hobo’s I may have offended by associating them with Delaware. Rhode Island is the smallest state.

Safe travels! ~Phil