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Picture courtesy of Lonely Planet

If you’re new here, I’ve challenged myself to do a write up of every single state in the United States on 50 consecutive days. This is day three. Quite obviously I’m going in alphabetical order. Hopefully. Today’s victim of my half-assed assessment is the desert state of Arizona. I’ve never been to Arizona, but it’s in that part of the country where I assume everywhere is just a dry, sandy desert. Hopefully I’ll prove myself wrong by the end of this post.

July is the peak of the summer. In the Grand Canyon State the average high July temperatures range from 81°F to 112°F. I imagine that a lot of summer activities in Arizona involve staying inside where there’s nice cool air conditioning. In the winter Flagstaff, Arizona gets about five feet of snow and is a popular skiing destination. I read that and I thought, “that can’t be right.” It’s Arizona, the state with the Grand Canyon and cactuses. Below this is a picture of people allegedly skiing in Arizona.

Allegedly, this is Arizona.

Apparently anything can happen in Arizona. Remember that time Bobby and Cindy got lost in the Grand Canyon?

That hat is how they were able to spot Bobby from the International Space Station

So, in addition to skiing, you can also hike in the scenic Grand Canyon. In my research, I’ve also just learned that Arizona has wine country. And allegedly, the wine is made from grapes and not cactuses as I had assumed. I think that’s why Bobby and Cindy got lost in the first place. They were overserved on the wine tour and just forgot how to get back to their campground.

I definitely want to try the death defying Grand Canyon Skywalk

Located in Grand Canyon West on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, you can walk out on a pane of glass and stare down into the abyss of the Grand Canyon. For that unique pleasure you have to book tickets ahead and they are a minimum of $48.83.

Also, a great roadtrip attraction in Arizona is a segment of the original Route 66 where you can see weird, offbeat attractions like the Giganticus Headicus.

At 14 feet tall it is the only noggin larger than my own.

Also Arizona boasts hundreds and hundreds of golf courses. Pretty much any Arizona real estate that isn’t the Grand Canyon or a ski mountain is a golf course. I won’t put a picture. You know what golfing looks like, and if you like it a lot, go to Arizona!

Arizona seems to be a state that has everything except a beach on the ocean. If you do like water and insist on going to Arizona, try Lake Havasu City. It’s a planned city in northern AZ that’s right at the bottom tip of Nevada but still in Arizona. From March to September Lake Havasu is a major vacation destination for water sport nuts. It even hosts the International World  Jet Ski Final Races. Honestly, did anyone reading this even know there was such a thing? They also host a triathlon and a hot air balloon festival.

There you have it. That’s plenty of words about Arizona, which is also the only state with a Z in it’s name. State motto: Have fun and bring your sunscreen. I’ve never been to Arizona, but it sure beats the crap out of the other states that begin with the letter A. Hopefully this article will convince the Arizona board of tourism to invite me on their dime so I can write something better than this about their state. Tomorrow we visit the last A state, ArKansas!

Safe travels! ~Phil