Indiana tourism

Lake Michigan where it touches Indiana

If you haven’t figured it out yet, when I travel, I’m going to be looking for beaches. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Indiana has a nice beachfront on Lake Michigan.

State Nickname: The Hoosier State. Hey Indianans, what’s a Hoosier? According to Wikipedia, no one is 100% sure where that word came from. It could be an ancient curse for all we know. That would explain why Indiana is the way it is.

Indiana Fun Fact: Elvis Presley’s last concert was in Indiana. Way to go Indy, you killed the King.

Best Thing About Indiana: You rarely have to walk outside in downtown Indianapolis. There’s an extensive system of skywalks all over the downtown area.

Worst Thing About Indiana: To be honest, the things I found online regarding the worsts things about Indiana were plentiful, such as they have lots of tornadoes and meth busts. More of both than almost all the states. Also, if you want to mitigate the stress from the meth and tornadoes, you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays in Indiana. Thanks Mike Pence.

Best Movies Made In Indiana: The Fault in Our Stars, Hoosiers, A Christmas Story, and Close Encounters.  Footloose was actually a documentary about Indiana.

If you love basketball and conservatism, Indiana is definitely a state you should visit. I’ve driven through it on my way to Chicago, but I don’t think I’ve ever stopped the car and gotten out. It just seemed safer that way, with the tornadoes and meth labs everywhere. As a vacation spot, I don’t think I’d ever choose Indiana unless the Super Bowl was being played there and I won tickets. Then again, why would the National Football League have a Super Bowl on Sunday in a state where no one can buy a beer at the game?