Georgia travel

Picture from NDJC.info

Georgia, the Peach State! Nicknamed after a perfectly delicious fruit. I have nothing sarcastic to say about that. My in person knowledge about Georgia is limited, but I like what I know.

My first impression of Georgia though was not good. When I was just an 11 year old lad my father decided to take the family to Disney World! The pilgrimage that all families on the East coast make at least once. But did we fly there? Of course not! My dad was frugal. Why fly somewhere that you can drive to? From our upstate New York town we drove south for three days.  On the third day we passed through Georgia and as we did, we drove right by Savannah. I’ve heard good things about it since, but on that fateful day when we drove by Savannah, there’s was a horrible stench. It was an overwhelming sulfur/rotten eggs stench seeping into our car as we sped past on the highway.

So, from the age of 11 until about the age of 31, my thoughts about Georgia were this: it stinks. Fortunately, my relationship with Georgia has improved since then. I’ve been in their Atlanta airport countless times and although it is one of the busiest airports in the country, it is still one of the nicest.

As a much more worldly adult, I still don’t have a lot of thoughts or experiences with Georgia. Here are my thoughts: 1) Atlanta is a real cool city. 2) Georgia has a buttload of coastline and beaches. 3) If I have to have a layover, the Atlanta airport has a lot of places to eat.

Aside from  my world renown airport experiences, Atlanta is also known as a city with a thriving night life and as a mecca for musicians from hip-hop, R&B, gospel, country and maybe as the hometown of R.E.M (one of my favorite bands back in the day) even some alternative rock. Georgia is also one of the most avid sports states with a variety of professional and college sports year round.

Lastly, and most importantly, Georgia has that long coastline with beaches and resorts galore. If you’ve read a few of my state reviews, you’ve probably picked up on my love of the sun, sand and water. Georgia seems like a nice vacation spot to me. As I’ve made painfully obvious, I’m not a Georgia insider. If you are from Georgia or have more experience with Georgia than me, I’d love if you’d want contribute here with a guest post, or just answer five questions from me by email. You can get me at authorphiltaylor@gmail.com.

Safe travels! ~Phil